highway guardrail accessories

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highway guardrail accessories specification

highway guardrail with many highway guardrail accessories. the highway guardrail accessories have a great effect. below is highway guardrail accessories specification

highway guardrail accessories

(1) double highway guardrail: length 4320mm, guardrail width 310mm (flat plate 485mm), wave depth 85mm, plate thickness 3mm/4mm.

(2) three wave plate for highway guardrail accessories : length 4320mm, plate width 506mm, wave depth 85mm, plate thickness 4mm.

(3) circular column: diameter 140/114mm, column wall thickness 4/4.5mm, column length 1000mm/1200mm/1500mm/1800mm/2000mm/2150mm/2270mm.

(4) Fang Lizhu: the side length 130mm, the wall thickness 6mm, the length 2540mm.

(3) column cap: thickness 2/3mm, hole distance 100/150mm, diameter 114/140mm.

(4) anti blocking block: 196*178*200mm, the thickness is 3/4/4.25/4.5mm.

(5) bracket: long 300mm, wide 70mm, thickness 4mm/4.5mm.

(6) bolt: M16*170/M16*150/M16*50/M16*42/M16*35

Wave guardrails belong to: cold rolling, semi steel guardrail.

used highway guardrail for sale

used highway guardrail for sale

highway guardrail accessories material

the highway guardrail accessories material have many different of material,for example Q235 wave guardrail type: Gr-A-4E, Gr-Am-4E, Gr-Am-2E, Gr-A-2E, Gr-SB-2E, Gr-SB-2C, Gr-A-2B1, Gr-SB-2C, Gr-A-4C, Gr-A-2C, and Gr-SB-2C.

The surface treatment of highway guardrail accessories : cold galvanized, hot galvanized, Hot Dip Zn + + spray spray. The principle of wave guardrail: when receiving external force, it is deformed through the fence and column, absorbs the impact force and protects the pedestrians and vehicles. Waveform guardrail application: at present, it should be widely used in domestic expressway, first grade, two grade highway, provincial road, county road, scenic spot, country road and so on. Waveform guardrail function: safety protection, beautify the environment.

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highway guardral for automobile running

highway guardral for automobile running

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