The safety function of highway guardral for automobile running

2017-08-21 15:16:23  By:Highway Guardrail Suppliers (1484)

The main function of highway guardrail

Barrier function of highway guardrail:Traffic barriers will block bad traffic and obstruct pedestrians, bicycles or motor vehicles that attempt to cross the road. It requires a certain height of guardrail, a certain density (refers to the vertical column), but also a certain intensity.

highway guardral for automobile running

Separation function of highway guardrail:Traffic guardrail will motor vehicle and non motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic space, road were separated in the longitudinal section, the motor vehicle and non motor vehicle and pedestrian lane, improve traffic safety, improve traffic order.

Warning function:Through the installation, the outline of the guardrail should be simple and clear, and the driver should pay attention to the existence of the guardrail and pay attention to pedestrians and non motorized vehicles, so as to prevent traffic accidents.

aesthetic function:Through the guardrail of different materials, different forms, different shapes and different colors, to achieve harmony and coordination with the road environment. City traffic barrier is not only a simple isolation on the road, but the key is to express and transfer of city traffic flow, traffic information, the establishment of a traffic rules, maintain traffic order, the city traffic safe, fast, convenient, orderly and smooth effect.

Advantages of corrugated guardrail

W beam guardrail by virtue of its excellent quality and superior anti impact function, won the favor of road builders, today we had listed the specific advantages of corrugated guardrail

1.Corrugated guardrail substrate is made of steel, durable and durable.

2.W beam guardrail substrate by hot dipping zinc pool of soaking, adsorbed on the surface of a layer of zinc layer, so that the manufacturers of corrugated guardrail electrochemical protection, from the inside to the outside to prevent rusting of steel substrate. Through the polyester powder coating, forming a permanent coating, no matter what kind of environment, the w beam guardrail will not rust, fade, powder, fall off, the color is lasting and bright.

3.The corrugated guardrail is assembled and designed, and the installation is quick and simple.

4.Corrugated guardrail has good decoration, rich colors, meet the individual needs of different customers.

5.The w beam guardrail has the advantages of environmental protection and no pollution to the environment, and solves the problem of pollution of buildings by common products

highway guardrail

highway guardrail

6.The corrugated guardrail has good flexibility, and the steel and flexibility of the steel pipe make the guardrail products have better impact properties.

7.The corrugated guardrail adopts the high-end electrostatic spraying process, so that the guardrail products have good self-cleaning performance, and the rain scouring and water jet washing can be as smooth as new.

8.W beam guardrail use safety screws, anti theft design, to solve your worries

9.The corrugated guardrail has good weather resistance, salt fog resistance and moisture resistance, and the corrugated guardrail is suitable for use in different areas.

These are the 9 advantages of corrugated guardrail, it is precisely because of the w beam guardrail has these 9 advantages, will be favored by road builders.


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