guardrail offset blocks

guardrail offset blocks

1.designed to comply with AASHTO for highway
2.all components hot dipped galvanised
3.simple installation
standard size
according customer's request

Product Description:


guardrail offset blocks are considered as passive protectors with a view to ensure the safety of the pedestrians by the wayside and the vehicles. Highway guardrails are designed in pursuance to the principle of keeping the vehicle inside the road in a secure way and at the same time minimizing the loss of life and property in case of an accident.

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Advantages of highway guardrails spacer

- It makes the road apparent.

- It prevents the pedestrians and the animals from entering the road.

- It ensures the safety of the drivers and the passengers by hindering the vehicles going off the road.

We manufacture highway guardrails spacer according to those Standards below

a. JT/T 281-1995(Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Expressway Guardrail - China)

b. AASHTO-M180 (Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Highway Guardrail - USA)

c. RAL RG620 (Germany)

d. Or tailor-make according to client's requirements
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Guardrail Installation Steps:

Step 1. Site Preparation

Step 2. Driving the Posts

Step 3. Joining the W-Beam Guardrail Panels

Step 4. Connecting the W-Beam Guardrail Panels to the Posts

Step 5. Repeat Steps 2, 3 and 4

Step 6. Delineation (if required)

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