highway guardrail weight

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highway guardrail weight

The weight of all kinds of highway guardrail is different. Let's introduce the calculation method of the highway guardrail weight today.

highway guardrail weight

The wave highway guardrail weight, but the wave guardrail is safer and more secure, the first pole of the guardrail should be stronger than the usual sturdy and sturdy, and there is a layer of ripple guardrail fence. This is the essence of the guardrail, and the wave plate has the bearing capacity of the guardrail for further improvement. In the whole vision, it is also more easy to guide the driver's steering judgment, so before, it is more easy to guide the driver's steering. A safe and reliable lifeguard is a safe and reliable way to guide the direction of the road and prevent the collision force from passing through the capacity of the fence.

Now most of China's rural roads and highways are installed with wave guardrails, but there are still some remote areas lack of prevention and lack of attention, causing accidents, brewing tragedy, why the installation of rural roads and highway guardrails? Because the road is narrow and dangerous. It only needs protection and guidance of the guardrail. It also wants friends to pay more attention to his driving. Do not walk too fast so as to catch up with the time in the dangerous section..

1.highway guardrail specification


Three wave highway guardrail weight: 4320*506*85*3/4; diameter 114/140 mm x 4.5mm x height; diameter 114/140 mm x 4.5mm x height; ordinary vertical column spacing is divided into 2 meters distance and 4 meters distance; the column and the plate are connected to the resistance block type and the bracket type two kinds.

Standard amount of highway guardrail weight: standard column spacing 4 meters, 250 blocks per kilometre, 250 upright posts, 2 end heads, 250 column cap, 250 resistance block, 250 connecting bolts (M16 x 170/42), spliced bolts (M16 * 35) 2000 sets.

highway guardrail

highway guardrail

1.The corrugated beam guardrail is generally classified according to the location and level of collision avoidance.

2.According to the location, they can be divided into roadside guardrail and central divider guardrail.

3.According to the grade of collision avoidance, it can be divided into class A and S. The S grade guardrail is an enhanced type. It is suitable for the use of dangerous sections on both sides of the road.

Hot-dip galvanizing: over 90% of highway wave beam steel guardrail is treated by hot galvanizing process, anti-corrosion, scratch resistance, zinc thickness, long oxidation resistance, good corrosion protection and rust proof effect.

Cold galvanizing: also called electrogalvanizing, the zinc coating is generally thinner and the effect of anticorrosion and rust prevention is worse than the hot-dip galvanizing. The protection years are shorter and the anti scraping effect is poor, but the relative cost is low and the appearance is better than the hot galvanizing.

Spray molding: the blue and green wave guardrail boards on the road are all made of this process, with strong corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance.

highway guardrail weight

The specification for wave guardrail used for building expressways is as follows:

The end is used at the end of a section of the road, and a section of the road is 2.

The gauge spacing between the columns and columns above 4 meters is 80 yuan per meter.

This price is for reference only, the specific price rises according to the price of steel.

The main difference between GB specification and non-standard specification is the thickness of the board, the thickness of the column and the zinc layer.

Whether you want the national standard or non-standard products, we ensure that the zinc layer is uniform, no hanging, no leakage plating.

Two kinds of guardrails are used in highway guardrail, and it is a wave guardrail (half steel guardrail) and cable guardrail (flexible guardrail). In the meantime, the wave guardrail is a common guardrail of the highway guardrail.

highway guardrail products

highway guardrail products

The highway wave guardrail is the primary representative of the semi steel guardrail. It can effectively obstruct the runaway vehicles on the highway and rush out of the high speed to lose. Waveform guardrail features: 1, use the deformation of the soil base, column, beam to absorb the energy, and force the uncontrolled vehicle to change direction, return to the normal direction, avoid the vehicle out of the road, to protect the vehicle and passengers, and reduce the loss caused by the incident. 2. The steel flexible phase also has the strong ability to absorb the energy of bumping and collision. It has a good vision induction function. It can be in harmony with the line shape of the road, beautiful and harmonious appearance. It can be used in a small radius bend, and the damage is simply replaced.

The common types of freeway wave guardrail are Gr-A-4E (common type of guardrail), Gr-A-2E, Gr-Am-4E and Gr-Am-2E.

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