w-beam guardrail suppliers

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W-beam guardrail suppliers advantage

we are a professional w-beam guardrail suppliers in china.Our factory founded in 1998 and cover an area of 75 acres.We specialized in the production of w-beam guardrail and in this filed for 18years.Our annual productivity of 50 thousand tons and is equipped with many LABS.

As a w-beam guardrail suppliers,we can service for your good quality w-beam guardrail and best service.Welcome to the new and old customers to visit our factory.

w-beam guardrail suppliers

Hot galvanizing w-beam guardrail introduction: hot-dip galvanized w-beam guardrail material: national standard Q235 low carbon steel production process:

through the barrier plate production equipment to the steel plate punching, forming two wave, three wave barrier plate, and then put the barrier plate in a galvanizing furnace for hot galvanizing, after hot galvanizing treatment, the barrier plate corrosion performance is very good, in the outdoor, low temperature, acid rain and other harsh environment life life It can be as high as 30 years.

Product features: hot galvanized guardrail plate is smooth and smooth after extrusion, and its surface is bright and clean after hot galvanizing, and its appearance is very good. Anticollision coefficient: the collocation of the arc of the hot-dip galvanized fence and the anti blocking block can reduce the huge kinetic energy of the car to the maximum extent.

The collision avoidance coefficient is very good. The barrier plate produced by the fad has been strictly tested to the national standard, and it can be used safely. The application scope of hot dip galvanized guardrail plate is mainly used for expressway, Lane isolation and central dividers.

Corrugated w-beam guardrail: sprayed guardrail plate is a kind of highway guardrail plate, and its antiseptic effect is very good, and it is beautiful and generous.

w beam guardrail

w beam guardrail

as a w-beam guardrail supplier,why we choose to use w-beam guardrail

The sprayed fence board can spray the guardrail into a variety of colors: blue, green, black, white, and so on, but usually the most color of the spray is green, because it is the most suitable to be placed on the freeway.

The production process of spray plastic guardrail: the spray plastic guardrail plate is used the high quality steel plate as the raw material, through the professional barrier plate production machinery extrusion molding, then carries on the anticorrosion effect treatment, will squeeze the deformed barrier plate through the dip plastic line operation to soak plastic, coated on the barrier board a thick layer of PVC, PE sulfur powder. The service life of the guardrail plate in natural environment can last as long as several decades.

The powder coated w-beam guardrail is also divided into two wave guardrails, three wave guardrails, and two wave three wave transition plates, of which the impact grade of three wave guardrails is the highest.

How to resist the impact in the wave guardrail is widely applied to the freeway, the two wave barrier board has a little difference in collision avoidance, and the official application is on the provincial road and the country road. It is very important to treat the electrostatic powder spraying process of the guardrail.

It is only to fully understand the principle of the spray plastic treatment of the guardrail to give full play to its anticorrosion function in the process of installation and use, and to prolong the service life of the guardrail. Cold galvanized spray - cold galvanized spray is generally used in rural or mountain roads.

This surface treatment is lower than hot galvanizing, and the external hot dip galvanizing is also beautiful. Hot galvanizing spray - hot galvanizing spray is the best corrosion resistance among the three. This surface treatment is mostly used in harsh environment, widely used in Heilongjiang and Northern Liaoning, China.

This is because the w-beam guardrail has both rigidity and flexibility. When the runaway vehicle hits the w-beam guardrail, its rigidity and flexibility enable it to quickly absorb the energy of the collision, thus changing the direction of the runaway vehicle and ensuring the safety of the vehicle and the personnel on the car. It is uniform and beautiful.

w beam guardrail weight

w beam guardrail weight

as a w-beam guardrail suppliers,the construction quality progress has been praised and fully affirmed by the construction units and the colleagues. Our company has always adhered to the service tenet of "quality first, customer first"; the management principle of "honesty and honesty"; "people-oriented, pragmatic innovation" development theory, has been unique in the construction of the highway industry.


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