w beam guardrail weight

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w beam guardrail weight calculation

The w beam guardrail weight is upon to the highway guardrail material ,specification and quantity

w beam guardrail weight

barrier board: plate length * width x Wave Height x plate thickness

A, double wave guardrail: 4320 x 310 x 85 x 3 theoretical weight 49.16 Kg

4320 x 310 x 85 x 4

theoretical weight 65.55 Kg

B, three wave guardrail: 4320 x 506 x 85 x 4 theory weight 102 kg

2, column: 114/140 x 4.5 x Length Diameter * wall thickness * length

Length: 1m, 1.2m, 1.25m, 1.55m, 1.85M, 1.95M, 2m, 2.15m, etc.

Theoretical weight (4.5mm thickness): 12.16kg/m of 114mm and 15.06kg/m of 140mm

3, prevention block: 196 x 178 x 200 x 3.0/4.0, each weighing about 2.5kg, and supporting the use of abalone plate.

4, column cap: 114mmx100mm each weighing about 0.5 kg 140mmX150mm each weighing 0.6 kg.

5, bracket: 300 * 70 * 4mm/4.5mm note: with ten hole board, each weighing about 0.8 kg.

6, end: general road side (R160), and the central band (R250) of two types, the thickness of the common use of 3mm. The special end of other models can be arranged at any time according to the requirements of the customer.

beam shim (square gasket): Material: Q235, high quality steel. Specifications: 76 x 44 x 4 weight about 0.08kg, For the bracket (resistance block) and the barrier plate, connecting the screw hole position lining.

8, bolt: M16 x 170 (150) column is connected with resistance block and bracket;

M16 x 42 (40) resistance block, bracket and plate connection;The M16 x 35 (32.5) plate is connected to the plate.

highway guardrail

highway guardrail

Quality assurance system and control measures

the quality of the overall goal of project department to establish the quality checking system and improve the site regulation, strict implementation of the "three check" system (self inspection, mutual inspection, handover inspection), ensure the people-oriented, civilized construction, construction site clean and orderly, in strict accordance with the contract requirements, create quality engineering quality under the condition of.

2. of our quality assurance system has passed the quality system China Quality Management Association certification, awarded the certificate of quality management system, quality management system to meet the requirements of GB/T19001-2000 idtISO9001:2000 standard, according to the ISO9001 standard, according to the characteristics of the contract section of the project, will be the responsibility of the quality level decomposition into every employee, to strengthen every procedure, quality control of the whole process of full, in order to achieve the quality objectives.

3. quality assurance measures (1) project management department set up quality management leading group. Project manager takes part in group leader, chief engineer as deputy leader, quality engineer and professional engineer and functional department supervisor. (2) the construction team set up a quality management team, the leader of the construction team is the leader, the technical supervisor is the deputy leader, the head of the work group and the functional personnel of the team of w beam guardrail weight

the quality of education and training, the quality of education, improve the quality awareness, professional, standardized, before the start of operation requirements, the responsibility of training, each project construction personnel in regulating behavior, so that everyone understand the norms, norms, according to the standard construction, construction quality and everyone's interests clear. Do all the answers, to achieve scientific, standardized and standardized procedures for construction.

the implementation of total quality management, according to the characteristics of the contract section of the project, to set up the guardrail project which is subject to the QC group, the activities of research and implementation of quality control, the operation set of people, posts, positioning operation, ensure the engineering excellence times.

w beam guardrail cost

w beam guardrail cost

w beam guardrail weight to strengthen technical management, ensure project quality, improve the technical management system: three technology management network set up project manager, construction team, working class, on-site technical problems in the construction process, timely communication and affect the quality of the project design and supervision departments, properly handle, write the working instruction project manager, every ten days to organize a quality inspection and evaluation of the quality of the situation, points out the existing problems, formulate rectification measures for the w beam guardrail weight


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