• highway guardrail history

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    The highway guardrail use the deformation of the soil foundation, post and beam to absorb the collision energy, and force the out of control vehicle to change direction, restore to the normal direction of driving, prevent vehicles from out of the road, to protect vehicles and passengers, reduce the loss caused by the accident

  • highway guardrail components

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    At present, many highway guardrail components are widely used in highway. Galvanized highway guardrail components accounted for 69% of the total surface treated steel

  • highway guardrail material

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    There are differences in flexibility between different highway guardrail material, so today we will introduce them

  • highway guardrail detail

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    In life, the highway guardrail is mainly used on the highway and bridge. The highway guardrail uses the deformation of the soil foundation, column and beam to absorb the collision energy

  • highway guardrail china

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    In recent years, the infrastructure of the developing countries is becoming more and more perfect, and the application of the highway guardrail in the highway is becoming more and more common. The highway guardrail china and the good quality and competitive price are getting more and more popular with the customers

  • highway guardrail factory

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    A good highway guardrail factory should provide a service for the production, sale and installation of highway guardrails

  • crash barrier

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    crash barrier also called the "two wave highway guardrail" is the main form of semi steel guardrail. crash barrier is a continuous structure which is spliced with the corrugated steel guardrail and supported by the main column.

  • w beam guardrail price

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    Now the highway is more, the country's demand for the highway is relatively large, the construction of the highway between these years is more, so in order to protect the quality of the highway,

  • w-beam guardrail suppliers

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    we are a professional w-beam guardrail suppliers in china.Our factory founded in 1998 and cover an area of 75 acres.We specialized in the production of w-beam guardrail and in this filed for 18 years.