highway guardrail weight per foot

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highway guardrail weight per foot calculation

highway guardrail weight per foot determines the price of the guardrail.highway guardrail specification is different, so the highway guardrail weight per foot is different.

highway guardrail weight per foot

highway guardrail weight per foot is calculated by dividing the weight of a highway guardrail by the total length, then multiplying it by one foot, and the result is the highway guardrail weight per foot.

highway guardrail weight per foot is not fixed, because the specifications and materials of the guardrail are different, so the weight is different.

The theoretical weight of highway guardrail weight per foot is smaller than the actual weight of the guardrail, because the weight of steel in China is calculated according to the following difference.

There are a lot of sub-optimal materials for the guardrail, not that the manufacturer uses sub-optimal materials, but that the manufacturer customizes them according to the customer's requirements, because the customer has to have some thinner guardrail and post to maintain profits in order to make profits, so that highway guardrail weight per foot will be lighter. After 2014, the national requirements for guardrail are very strict. The highway guardrail weight per foot must be reached, and the anti-corrosion galvanized coating must be up to 600 g/.

Application of highway guardrail

Application of highway guardrail

highway guardrail weight per foot introduce

highway guardrail of expressway is the most important transportation infrastructure. The expressway of our country has been developed since 1980s. It plays an important role in the development of national economy and society. It is an important maintenance and security facility of expressway.

The highway guardrail of expressway is a typical cold-formed steel product with 4320*310*3 specification. The advanced technological conditions of automatic leveling of strip steel, precise feeding punching, slow forming of 18 rolls and cutting of computer fixed length adopted by our company in R425 rolling mill imported from the United States ensure the shape, position and size of the anti-collision guardrail plate to the greatest extent. Linear degree. Its cross-section size fully meets the requirements of YB4081-92 standard.

The total length of the standard guardrail is 4320 mm (4 meters net left after installation) and the post spacing is 4 meters. The stiffening guardrail is two meters apart from the post.

Hongda Traffic Facility Co.,Ltd main business is highway guardrail. The company develops and produces traffic safety products by itself. It has nearly 100 senior and middle-level professional technicians. It is engaged in R&D, project, project planning, management, project implementation and supervision. It has strong R&D and technological innovation ability. It adopts advanced production technology and production technology.

To implement comprehensive quality management and strictly produce according to standards. The company always insists on seeking market by quality, so its quality is absolutely guaranteed and the products are absolutely high quality. The product structure is concise, beautiful and practical, easy to transport and install, has good anti-theft performance, and is limited by the actual terrain. It has strong adaptability to mountainous, sloping and multi-bend areas, moderate cost, and is suitable for large-scale use.

highway safety guardrail

highway safety guardrail


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