w beam guardrail price

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how to calculate w beam guardrail price

Now the highway is more, the country's demand for the highway is relatively large, the construction of the highway between these years is more, so in order to protect the quality of the highway, highway guardrail demand is more, the market is relatively huge, so a lot of manufacturers are constantly.

Rise up. There are many highway guardrail manufacturers, in the choice of the general public bidding by the government, so the words for the quality is relatively high, in the quality of the look at the same time, for the w beam guardrail price is also more concerned, then the usual highway guardrail is according to the length to calculate the price, generally one meter for a single meter. Well, what's the w beam guardrail price?

w beam guardrail price

[Specification] (length * width * height * thickness)

two wave w beam guardrail

length4320mm,width310mm,wave height 85mm,thickness:3mm、4mm;

three wave w beam guardrail

 length:4320mm,width506mm,wave height 85mm,thickness:4mm;


【post】 round post:specificationΦ114

 【post cap】thickness 2/3mm,Dia 114/140mm。

【spacer】196*178*200mm, thickness 3/4/4.25/4.5mm。

【bracket】length 300mm,width70mm,thickness 4mm/4.5mm。

【bolt】M16*170 / M16*150 / M16*50 / M16*42 / M16*35

【surface treatment】Hot dip galvanized, cold galvanized, Hot Dip Zn + + spray spray.

【Function principle】When receiving external force, it will absorb impact force and protect pedestrians and vehicles through deformation of guardrail plates and columns.

【Application】At present, it should be widely applied to domestic highways, first and two level highways, provincial roads, county roads and scenic spots, rural roads and so on.

【Effect】Safety protection and beautifying the environment

highway guardrail

highway guardrail

How to control w beam guardrail price

1, the price fluctuation of raw materials, which belongs to the market price fluctuation plate manufacturer is very difficult to control, the company will try to find the quality and low price of raw materials, saving the cost for customers.

2.Production costs:this is also the impact of the price of the wave guard board play a very critical role in the production of control technology is very important, technical personnel directly affect the production costs!

In addition, there are some bad merchants to attract customers with lower cost than the cost. Once the quality of the supply stage is not guaranteed, we must choose a good manufacturer when choosing the guardrail manufacturer.

w-beam guardrail suppliers

w-beam guardrail suppliers


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