hot dip galvanized highway guardrail

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hot dip galvanized highway guardrail introduce

hot dip galvanized highway guardrail production process, through the guardrail production equipment for steel plate stamping, forming two wave and three wave guardrail plate; then the guardrail plate into the galvanizing furnace hot galvanizing after anticorrosion property of galvanized guardrail plate after treatment is very good, the service life in the outdoor, low temperature, acid rain and other harsh environments can be as high as 30 years.

hot dip galvanized highway guardrail

Galvanized guardrail material: national standard Q235 low carbon steel plate. Product features:Galvanized guardrail after extrusion, radian smooth, galvanized treatment after the surface is bright and clean, beautiful appearance is very good.

Collision avoidance coefficient:Galvanized guardrail arc and collocation proof block can be a huge momentum to slow the car to the maximum extent, the collision coefficient is very good, strong blue guardrail board produced are strictly inspected have reached the national standard, can be assured use. Application range of galvanized guardrail:Mainly used for highway, Lane isolation protection, the central separation belt and so on

highway safety guardrail

highway safety guardrail

hot dip galvanized highway guardrail from china

1.price of Chinese steel will continue upward trend

It is said that china's steel market was affected by price increasing in early July,and transactions activity slightly improved along with the rising prices.Because of the price increasing which would affect by a number of order.

On the one hand,the shortage of raw materials and low stocks market which would support prices remained at top.As a result,china's domestic steel prices are expected to continue upward trend for August.

2.China's steel exports decreased by 28% at the first half of 2017

According to the latest statistics of the General Administration of Customs:China's exports of steel is 6.81 million tons at 2017 June,170000tons lower than last month,dropped by 37.75% comparing with the same period of previous year.From January to June China's total exports of steel is 40.99 million tons,decline 28% comparing with the same period of previous year.Domestic steel prices keep in high level in this year,considering the domestic supply&demand and market conditions,the steel export may less than 80 million tons.

China's imports of steel in June is 1.13 million tons,increased 20000tons than last month,0.88% lower than last month.From January to June,China's total imports of steel is 6.46 million tons,increased by 5.3% comparing with the same period of previous year


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