highway guardrail end terminals

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highway guardrail end terminals for sale

highway guardrail end terminals is used at the end of a road to protect and aesthetically end the highway guardrail. The highway guardrail end terminals is divided into hot galvanized ends and powder coated ends according to surface treatment. R160, R250 and R350 highway guardrail end terminals are used for roadside and central divider guardrail respectively.

highway guardrail end terminals

highway guardrail end terminals is not only the beginning or the end of a section of guardrail, but also the weak part in the guardrail setting, which should be paid attention to. In the use process, people found that the upstream highway guardrail end terminals has security risks, but the waveform guardrail set up for safety has become a potential safety hazard.

When the uncontrolled vehicle collides with the highway guardrail end terminals, it is easy to be inserted into the vehicle by the waveform guardrail, resulting in vehicle damage and death. This is because the corrugated guardrail itself is a rectangular steel plate with a length of 4.32 meters, a height of about 1.5 meters and a thickness of only 3 m m or 4 M. It is pressed and formed. Its cross-section is W-shaped. Its end is like a steel knife, and it is extremely easy to pierce the car.

The purpose of setting up highway guardrail end terminals is to eliminate the hidden danger of the end of the corrugated guardrail . According to the survey, most of the hidden trouble comes from the insertion of the wave guardrail to the car.

Application of highway guardrail

Application of highway guardrail

Firstly, eliminating the hidden danger is to avoid the corrugated guardrail inserting into the car, causing harm to the vehicle and human body; secondly, ingenious design should be used to make highway guardrail end terminals absorb energy in the impact, reduce the speed of the vehicle, and reduce the injury. On the premise of meeting the above two requirements, we should also ensure the basic function of waveform fence, that is, to prevent vehicles from rushing out of the lane and ensure vehicle safety.

highway guardrail end terminals price

highway guardrail end terminals price is different, because the highway guardrail end terminals has various specifications, such as the American standard and the national standard, but generally more than RMB100 yuan each. highway guardrail end terminals has good anticorrosive property, anti-aging, beautiful appearance, easy installation and quick installation.

It is mainly used for fencing, decoration, protection and other facilities in industry, agriculture, municipal administration, transportation and other industries. Its manufacturing process is that high-quality steel sheets are pickled, stamped into double or triple-wave plates, and then hot-dipped or hot-dipped galvanized by spraying plastic treatment.

Hongda Traffic Facility Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of high-speed guardrail , guardrail post and guardrail accessory anti-blocking, column cap, highway guardrail end terminals and other traffic safety facilities approved by traffic inspection center.

The company now has more than 100 employees, including more than 20 senior technical managers, with fixed assets of 25 million yuan, the company has two hot-dip galvanizing production lines, one spray line, one vertical shear production line, two forming production lines, with annual production capacity of corrugated beam steel guardrail, guardrail plate column 80,000 tons, spray 40,000 tons.

highway guardrail

highway guardrail

The protective and supporting materials for highway such as galvanizing and plastic spraying produced by the company have passed the inspection and inspection of the Quality Inspection and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Communications, and have issued the relevant certificates of the Ministry of Communications, such as transportation engineering products, mass production certificates, inspection reports, factory inspection certificates and so on. The galvanized and sprayed products produced are strictly enforced by JT/T281-2007GB/T18226-2000 and other industry standards.


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