best highway guardrail

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best highway guardrail introduce

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best highway guardrail

The double wave best highway guardrail is also called the two wave best highway guardrail and double wave guardrail, which is the first choice of the steel guardrail for the anti collision wave beam of the expressway.

Double wave guardrail is commonly used in material: high quality Q235 strip.

Double wave guardrail manufacturing process: high quality steel strip is made of double corrugated steel guardrail plate, and then pickled, and then processed by hot dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing and spray molding.

The usual specifications of the double wave guardrail are: 4320mm x 310mm x 85mm x 3/4mm, and the column is 114/140mm * 4.5mm

Product advantages: good impact resistance, low cost, long life, high safety, green environmental protection, good anticorrosive property, anti-aging, beautiful appearance, easy installation and quick installation.

Product use: highway crash barrier, general road (provincial road, county road, township road and so on) collision barrier, factory area, site and other protection and isolation.

Product classification: double wave barrier board wave beam guardrail is generally classified according to setting location and collision class. According to the location can be divided into the roadside guardrail and the median divider.

According to the grade of collision avoidance, it can be divided into class A and S. The S level is enhanced barrier, suitable for use in the roadside especially dangerous road, a highway for special.Wave guardrail system principle:

1. The wave beam guardrail is the main form of semi steel guardrail. It is a continuous structure which is spliced with the corrugated steel guardrail and supported by the column.

2, it uses the deformation of soil foundation, column and crossbeam to absorb collision energy, and forces the out of control vehicle to change direction, to return to the normal driving direction, so as to prevent vehicles from rushing out of the road, so as to protect vehicles and passengers and reduce the losses caused by accidents.

3, the wave beam guardrail steel is flexible and concurrent, and has strong ability of absorbing and colliding energy. It has good line of sight guidance function. It can coordinate with the road alignment and has beautiful appearance. It can be used on small radius bend roads, and the damage place is easy to replace.

highway guardrail

highway guardrail

best highway guardrail specification

1) double wave best highway guardrail: length 4320mm, plate width 310mm, wave depth 85mm, plate thickness 3mm/4mm. Three wave high speed guardrail board board: length 4320mm, plate width 506mm, wave depth 85mm, plate thickness 4mm.

(2) circle: the diameter is 140/114mm, and the wall thickness of the column is 4/4.5mm. Fang Lizhu: the side length 130mm, the column wall is 6mm. The length of the column is 1200mm/1500mm/1800mm/2150mm and so on.

(3) column cap: thickness 2/3mm, hole distance 100/150mm, diameter 114/140mm.

(4) anti blocking block: 196*178*200mm, the thickness is 3/4/4.25/4.5mm. Bracket: long 300mm, wide 70mm, thickness 4mm/4.5mm.

(5) bolt: M16*170/M16*150/M16*50/M16*42/M16*35 ;Precautions for the installation of the guardrail are put into practice with the installation of the column.

the installation of columns must be carried out under the premise of strengthening the shoulder of soil. It can be set up in bridges, passageways, and long span culvert structures. In the process of main works,best highway guardrai when installing guardrail boards, the installation of columns should first deal with flanges and anchor bolts.

2, do a good job in the construction preparation and detailed construction organization. Installation tools: piling machine, excavation tools, tools, pliers, hammer tamping and theodolite level measurement tools such as tape.

3, when constructing high-speed guardrail, we should accurately grasp the data of various facilities, especially the precise location of various pipelines buried in the roadbed. During the best highway guardrail construction process, no damage to the underground facilities will be permitted of best highway guardrail.

highway guardrail contractors

highway guardrail contractors


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