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highway guardrail reflectors for sale

highway guardrail reflectors attached to the guardrail is composed of anti-reflection materials, brackets and connectors, which can warn pedestrians and protect traffic safety.

highway guardrail reflectors

highway guardrail reflectors English name is Delineator. highway guardrail reflectors is mainly set along the edges of both sides of the road. It is used to show the outline of the road boundary, guide the normal driving of vehicles, and is a traffic safety facility with anti-reflection performance. Because of the high speed and frequent accidents on modern expressways, it is necessary to set highway guardrail reflectors to ensure the safety of driving.

Although the proportion of highway guardrail reflectors in the whole traffic safety facilities is relatively small, its role is important and can not be ignored. Especially on expressways and first-class highways, the speed is faster, the night driving is short visible distance, which reduces the safety of driving. In order to achieve the purpose of safe driving, linear knowledge in front of the highway is very important. Continuous setting of highway guardrail reflectors can effectively reflect the car lights, so that drivers can know the road conditions ahead ahead of time, and effectively ensure the safety of driving.

The characteristics of the highway guardrail reflectors are (1), diversity, (2), and damage prevention. Diversity means that products are more and more harmonious with the protected products. For example, there are trapezoidal highway guardrail reflectors attached to the center of the highway guardrail and 100 highway guardrail reflectors attached to the top of the highway guardrail. The screw on the highway guardrail is used to connect them with the waveform. And there is no need for further drilling. And a rectangular profile attached to the New Jersey barrier. They are more harmonious. Damage prevention refers to the use of elastic material as the base material. When the reflector is impacted, the bracket will deform, and when the external force disappears, the bracket will return to its original position. In order to achieve the purpose of protection. Prevention of curiosity.

Application of highway guardrail

Application of highway guardrail

highway guardrail reflectors useful

highway guardrail reflectors are mainly used for warning and warning when there is no structure on the roadside, and they are set independently in the roadside soil shoulder.

highway guardrail reflectors is firmly mounted on the shoulder of the earth road. The reflected light at night is uniform and not dazzling, which can guide and warn the driver to drive in the right direction.

highway guardrail reflectors especially in the corners, and the mountain road curved area more prominent role, can greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, ensure the safe passage of vehicles.

highway guardrail reflectors is used to set the standard profile along the road on both sides of the edge, indicating the road direction, has the retroreflective performance of traffic safety facilities. Since it is continuously set up, a column contour mark is set at 50 meters, and it can be used as a 100 meter pile.

highway guardrail reflectors is located in the non-structural section of the roadside, and its main structure is a triangular cross-section column, which is composed of an anti-reflection body and a column body, and the shape of the anti-reflection material is rectangular.

w beam guardrail

w beam guardrail


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