sinuous highway guardrail manufacturing

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sinuous highway guardrail manufacturing introduce

sinuous highway guardrail manufacturing is a factory for producing highway guardrail.Our factory the principle of quality of survival, to provide customers with first-class products and first-class after-sales service.

 sinuous highway guardrail manufacturing

sinuous highway guardrail manufacturing can customize and produce guardrails according to customer's requirements. There are two kinds of guardrail , one is hot dip galvanized, the other is powder coated guardrail.

sinuous highway guardrail manufacturing should pay attention to the installation matters when installing the guardrail. During the construction of high-speed guardrail, sinuous highway guardrail manufacturing should accurately grasp the information of various facilities, especially the precise location of various pipelines buried in the roadbed. During the construction process, no damage to underground facilities is allowed.

Our company as a sinuous highway guardrail manufacturing integrates scientific research, production and sales, and specializes in the production of fence boards, corrugated fence boards, anti-collision fence boards, corrugated beam steel fences, road and Bridge side fence boards, highway isolation belts, cable fences, pillars, anti-blocking blocks, diaphragm beams, column caps, fence plate ends, flange pillars, anti-glare plate brackets and other transportation.

Safety facilities. The price of guardrail is affordable, and the diversification of products makes customers have more choice space, thus winning a broad market. The surface of our products is treated by automatic dipping, spraying, galvanizing and other processes, so that the products have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, anti-aging, acid-alkali resistance, non-fading, smooth and bright surface, good hand feel and so on.

Application of highway guardrail

Application of highway guardrail

sinuous highway guardrail manufacturing development

Since 1960s, the highway industry in all parts of the country has developed rapidly. The expressway era in China started in 80s, although it started late but developed rapidly. Speaking of expressways, we have to talk about the important role played by their supporting facilities, among which the guardrail is one of them. As the old saying goes, "without rules, no Cheng Fangyuan", the expressway can be safer if there is a guardrail board.

When people are driving at high speed, in case of sudden situation, the barrier restriction will prevent out-of-control vehicles from crossing the intermediate isolation belt or rushing out of the foundation at both ends of the road, so as to avoid two accidents. The main characteristic of freeway is that it can drive at high speed.

Expressway is the inevitable product of economic development, at this time, sinuous highway guardrail manufacturing came into being, more and more sinuous highway guardrail manufacturing sprang up like mushrooms.

The construction method scheme of the sinuous highway guardrail manufacturing is generally based on documents such as "Technical Specification for Construction of Highway Traffic Safety Facilities" (JTG F81-2006), Technical Guide for Implementation of Highway Safety Guarantee Engineering (2006), Design and Construction Technical Specification for Highway Traffic Safety Facilities, etc.,

highway guardrail

highway guardrail

together with corresponding engineering customers. And the design drawings, design requirements and construction contracts of the constructor. The construction methods of high-speed corrugated beam steel guardrail in different projects may vary according to the engineering requirements, but the overall principle will not be very different.


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