highway guardrail strength

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highway guardrail strength

Highway guardrail is the main form of semi steel guardrail. It is a continuous structure with corrugated steel guardrail spliced together and supported by main columns. The effect of vehicles on absorbing energy when they collide is not easy to be destroyed, but also plays a very good role in protecting vehicles and passengers. Therefore, there is required for highway guardrail strength

highway guardrail strength

The highway guardrail has the advantages of good impact resistance, low cost, long life, safety wave guardrail material specification, green environmental protection and so on. Uses: Highway anti-collision facilities, isolation and other facilities. Hong da is a professional manufacturer of guardrail, highway guardrail, wave beam guardrail and steel guardrail. Here are some common freeway highway guardrail strength and features.

1、Wave beam steel guardrail. It has wide application scope, high safety level, easy maintenance and moderate cost, and is often used on the main road side, central and ramp side roads.

2、Square tube crossbeam guardrail. It is mainly used in the central separation of bridges and the snow covered areas in the north, with high safety level, easy maintenance and high cost, and is often used in northern areas.

3、Flexible guardrail. It is mainly used in scenic spots, with moderate safety level, difficult maintenance and moderate cost. It is mainly used for roadside.

4、Concrete guardrail. It is mainly used for central separation of service area and ramp, with moderate safety level, difficult maintenance and low cost.

On the highway we see green blue and silver white guardrail, all of which are treated with surface corrosion. Only in this way can the use of corrugated galvanized guardrail have longer life, and also have a beautiful visual effect on the vision. The surface treatment of corrugated galvanized guardrail is for anti-corrosion and increasing service life, so there are many ways of surface treatment.

w beam guardrail

w beam guardrail

Dip treatment is a common surface treatment for guardrails. After finishing the surface, the green and blue guardrails are seen.

The treatment of corrugated galvanized guardrail is also a more common way in the surface treatment of the guardrail. The galvanizing treatment is divided into hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing. Generally, hot galvanizing is used because the service life of hot galvanizing is longer than that of cold galvanizing, and the surface after the galvanizing is silver white.

The wave galvanized fence treatment is to deal with the galvanized surface treatment first and then dipped under the precondition of galvanizing. The purpose of this is to improve the service life of the guardrail, and make the corrugated galvanizing fence more adaptable to the bad environment. Generally, the surface treatment is usually used in the cold areas in the North.

highway guardrail strength

1、A new type of non welding assembly design, installation is fast and simple, logistics and transportation convenience.

2 is not only harmonious and symbolic with surrounding environment, but also different from adjacent units.

3, high strength, no rust, longer life, suitable for a wide range of unique structural design, varieties show diversity, and beautiful.

4, good flexibility, rigidity and flexibility of substrate make barrier products have better impact resistance.

5, the color of the palisade is various, and not only has beautiful characteristics, but also plays a better protective role.

6 and electrostatic spraying can make hurdle products have good self-cleaning function. Rainwater scour and water gun spray can be clean and fresh.

7, bright color, smooth surface, high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, antistatic, no fading, no cracking. The most ornamental fence.

8, in line with environmental protection, fine workmanship, reasonable supply and demand, process strength road, smooth grinding, no burr and scraping, anticorrosion and rust prevention treatment in place, uniform coating, good permeability, no impact on human visual sight, resistance to wind and rain, anti aging, insect resistance, use function in place, in line with safety spacing and firm strength.

9, good decoration, rich color, to satisfy different customers' personality requirements for fence products.

10, the cost is reasonable, economical and practical.

highway guardrail wood post

highway guardrail wood post

11, stainless steel intelligence bolts, anti theft design, to solve your worries. The use of zinc steel guardrail is widely used in villas, communities, courtyards, schools, factories and others, flower beds, lawns, industrial and mining enterprises, financial institutions, stadium, exhibition center, square, road, balcony, and residential area. Its lines are smooth, simple and beautiful and rich in modern atmosphere. The villa has the high taste of the times. Simple installation, easy maintenance, easy cleaning, economical application and maintenance free.


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