highway guardrail pile driver

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highway guardrail pile driver in china

highway guardrail pile driver is a kind of steel pipe pile pressing equipment for highway guardrail. The machine adopts diesel power and full hydraulic mechanical transmission. It has the characteristics of light driving, high precision of pile driving, durable, energy saving and environmental protection. It is especially suitable for the field construction of the installation, maintenance and repair of highway guardrails.

highway guardrail pile driver

The full hydraulic highway guardrail pile driver of the highway guardrail is a new type of all hydraulic pile driving equipment which is excellent for energy saving and environmental protection by continuous R & D and renewal according to the situation of various working conditions in actual combat. In the industry, fully reflects its high quality, high efficiency, high energy saving, high life and other characteristics. Our quality inspection department has a strict complete set of testing technology and testing requirements to provide a flow protection barrier for the products.

The ZYD series piling machine is one of the brand products of the national quality trust. It has become an essential type of main type equipment in the highway guardrail installation project in our country. ZYD230 hydraulic guardrail pile driver has the advantages of accurate positioning, fast moving, high precision, long life, oil-saving and environmental protection. It is a new type of equipment for the highway protection fence.

Check the mechanical system and hydraulic system, diesel engine water tank water level, oil level are normal, before starting the diesel engine. After running at low speed and no load for 3 to 5 minutes, it can start to work.

The chassis of this machine is driven by hydraulic motor, hydraulic stepless speed regulation. By adjusting the engine speed and fuel supply (hand valve control), different travel speeds can be obtained. The inlet and outlet handle of the combined valve is pushed forward to the chassis and pulled back to the chassis. The rest of the lower pressure arm lifting cylinder, the upper frame lateral oil cylinder, the vertical column pitching the oil cylinder, the telescopic cylinder of the heavy arm, each with the control of the combined valve handle, and the piston rod protruding out of the cylinder before the handle is pulled back to the piston.

After the arrival of the site, the column is not vertical, such as the vertical adjustment of the cylinder (or slanted rod) and the lateral screw, and the slanted cable locking on both sides of the column, and the position of the column should be observed at any time when the pile is shifted.

Adjust the vertical position of the chassis and the horizontal position of the column to reach the calibrated position.

The hydraulic hammer is raised to the top, and the lower part of the steel pipe pile is placed on the pile position. The upper part is aligned with the head of the lower part of the hydraulic hammer, and the steel pipe pile is pressed, so that the pile can be driven by hammering. The pile head keeps the pressure on the steel pipe pile until the steel pipe pile reaches the required size.

Application of highway guardrail

Application of highway guardrail

Because of the poor working environment of the machine, the impact vibration is great, and the dynamic of each part should be observed at any time during operation. If abnormal noise or other abnormal phenomena occur, the machine should be stopped at any time for inspection, after troubleshooting can continue to use. If it is found that the hydraulic system joint is leaking or the parts are loosened, the machine should be stopped to adjust and tighten, and can continue to use after normal.

The hydraulic hammer should be lowered to the lowest level before the end of each shift, and the rest of the cylinders and piston rods should be shortened to the minimum. If the distance is transferred, the upright post should be kept back.

For the highway guardrail pile driver components, auxiliary parts and accessories, electrical parts should be regularly checked in the connection part of the motor.

highway guardrail pile driver price

The hydraulic highway guardrail pile driver begins to work for 100 hours, and it should be used carefully during the running in period. It can not be overloaded. The use of the running in period has a great influence on the service life of the machine.

After 50 hours of work, we should check the cleanliness index of hydraulic oil not less than 18/15 grade, and check, clean into oil and oil filter, then wash or replace each other every 200 hours, and should pay attention to the damage of rubber or asbestos washer, if the damage should be changed in time.

Check the level of hydraulic oil every 50 hours to keep the level high.

After cleaning the tank, when the machine works to 400 hours, the hydraulic oil tank should clean the oil plug once in an all-round way, emptying the hydraulic oil in the tank, reload the screw plug, remove the filter net inside the air filter, and fill it back, fill the hydraulic oil half of the tank, and then emptying again. Then wash the oil filter and put it back to its original position. Fill it with hydraulic oil. Air filter and its filter core should be checked regularly.

After working for 800 hours, the hydraulic oil of the whole machine should be replaced. The replacement should be emptied under the hot condition, and the working device before the air exhaust should be on the ground, and the engine will stop. After emptying, carefully inspect and clean the oil filter, oil return filter, air filter element, pipeline and all combination surfaces.

w beam guardrail

w beam guardrail

When the highway guardrail pile driver is parked for a long time, the nitrogen in the hydraulic hammer should be exhausted and the oil outlet should not be exposed. Keep the whole machine clean and cover with plastic cover. Remove the battery, fill it with liquid and store it in a dry place after charging. Storage time up to 6 months, should not be loaded, so that the components move 15 minutes, while filling the relevant parts with lubricant.


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