guard rail on highway

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guard rail on highway Significant significance

The highway was built in some western countries in 1930s. There was no guard rail on highway at that time. With the development of society, transportation becomes more and more convenient, and brings convenience to our life. But safety is a problem that can not be ignored.

The guard rail on highway has two starting points for traffic safety:

guard rail on highway

First, active prevention, such as the designation of relevant traffic laws and regulations, traffic marking and so on.

Second, when traffic accidents happen, minimize injuries as much as possible. At this time, guardrails and hedging lanes are needed.

Crashworthy guardrail is one of the most common traffic safety facilities at present. The significance of setting up guardrail boards has the following meanings.:

1.Effectively reducing the occurrence of crash accidents:In recent years, because of the high pressure of life, fatigue driving, drunk driving and other reasons, there are no few traffic accidents, so the reasonable length and structural form can be used to prevent the vehicle from running out of the road in time to avoid greater harm.

2.The number of guard rail on highway on both sides of the road was reduced.Although the guardrail has the function of protecting the road barrier, it will become an obstacle if it is not set properly, so it should be set up properly when using the guardrail.

3.Reduce the psychological pressure of the driver effectively Both sides of the guardrail have the effect of inducing sight, so the reasonable setting is helpful to relieve the driver's visual fatigue in the course of driving and relieve the tension, thus reducing the incidence of the accident.

The wave guard plate of market sales is soaked and sprayed. What is the difference between the two kinds of guardrails? Which is better?The production technology is the surface treatment process of the wave guardrail board, which is used to adsorb the plastic powder to the surface of the wave guard plate by static electricity, then the baking flow is flat, and the coating is thinner than the dipped plastic, but the adsorption force is strong.

 The dipping barrier plate is to melt the plastic powder at high temperature and then dip the wave guard into the melted plastic powder, and then solidify into a film after cooling to form a thick layer of plastic like coating.

1、guard rail on highway is based on the main matrix of the corrugated barrier plate, and the weatherproof polymer resin guard rail on highway is its outer layer. It has the characteristics of anticorrosion and rust prevention, acid and alkali resistance, moisture proof, insulation, aging resistance, good hand feeling, environmental protection, long life and so on. It is the renewal for the representative surface treatment technology of the traditional antirust paint and galvanized coating products.

2、The spray pads are sprayed on the surface of the fence with an electrostatic spray machine. Under static electricity, the powder will be evenly adsorbed on the surface of the wave guardrail to form a powdery coating. The powder coating becomes the final coating with different effects after the high temperature baking, and the effect of the spray is on the mechanical strength. The adhesive force, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other aspects are superior to the spray painting process, and the cost is also under the same effect of spray painting.

highway guardrail dwg

highway guardrail dwg

guard rail on highway specifications and characteristics

The double sided guard rail on highway has higher safety than the single side wave beam steel guardrail. It can be more effective to protect the safety of road traffic and prevent the vehicle from running out of the track. The double sided wave beam steel guardrail usually adopts Gr-Am-4E configuration (the waveform beam adopts the 4320*310*85*4, the pillar adopts the 140*4.5*2150, the link parts: the resistance block, the column spacing of 4 meters). The double sided wave beam steel guardrail is used in the middle of the expressway to separate the different direction lanes of high speed, so as to prevent the vehicle from entering the road in the midway or to rush into the retrograde lane when the vehicle is born. Double sided corrugated beam steel guardrail is usually made of two single sided corrugated steel guardrails, anda column is used to install guardrails on both sides.

The features of guard rail on highway are: good impact resistance, low cost, long life, anticorrosion, higher safety, green environmental protection, simple and quick installation and so on. Double side corrugated beam guardrail is divided into roadside and central dividers according to the installation position. The single side of the wave beam guardrail is a separate type of guardrail for the side and the central separation belt is relatively wide and the structure is more in the separation zone, and the section of the pipeline under the central division is one side. The double side of the wave beam guardrail is a combination type guardrail for the narrower width of the separation belt. The section of the central separator with few or buried pipelines is on both sides. The combined type wave guardrail is composed of a column, a cross beam, a wave beam and a fastener, and the column can be made of circular or groove shaped steel. The cross beam consists of two channel steels, which are installed on both sides of the column respectively. The two ends of the cross beam are connected to the waved beam plates respectively. The maximum combination width of the corrugated beams on both sides is 100CM, and it can also be adjusted according to the width of the central divider.

1、guard rail on highway is the main form of semi steel guardrail. It is a continuous structure with corrugated steel guardrail plates spliced together and supported by columns.

2、It uses the deformation of the soil foundation, the column and the beam to absorb the collision energy, and force the out of control vehicle to change direction, return to the normal direction of driving, prevent the vehicle from running out of the road, to protect the vehicles and passengers and reduce the loss caused by the accident.

3、The soft phase of the guard rail on highway has a strong ability to absorb the energy of collision. It has good line of sight induction function. It can coordinate with the line shape of the road, the shape is beautiful, it can be used on the small radius bend, and the damage place is easy to replace.

highway safety guardrail

highway safety guardrail

Material of double faced wave guardrail plate: the material of highway wave guard plate is high quality steel plate after anticorrosive treatment. Double sided wave guardrail's use: industrial, agricultural, municipal, transportation and other industries fencing, decoration, protection and other facilities. The highway anticollision guardrail is a typical cold bending steel product; the guard rail on highway is usually 4320mm * 310mm x 85mm x 3mm/4mm, and the column is 114/140 mm x 4.5mm; the three wave barrier board is commonly used for 4320mm * 506mm x 85mm x 3mm/4mm, and the column is 130mm.


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